Just These 5 Airport Terminals

Just these 5 Airport Terminals in Changi area.

Terminal 5 will finalize the architectural design by early 2018. The schedule for completion date is late 2020. The aviation infrastructure is expected to serve 50 million passengers yearly.

This is a massive project for the entire airport infrastructure in Changi area. Concept Plan of Terminal 5

Terminal 4 is scheduled to open on 31st October 2017. It took 3 years to buid. The existing precinct was the former Changi’s Budget Terminal back in October 2006 to September 2012.

With T4 in full service, its capacity will handle 16 million passengers. This figure is three folds more than the old budget terminal which is no longer in service or in place.

In past records, the short-lived Budget Terminal has a track record of having more than 4.6 million passenger movements in 2011.

Terminal 3 took 7 years to construct at a spending cost of S$1.75 billion. The commencement year of operation was in 2008. It has capacity up to 22 million passengers per annum.

Terminal 2 was built nine years after Terminal 1. Service operational-ready in 1990 and able to handle 23 million passengers yearly.

Terminal 1 was officially opened in 1981 and handling capacity of 21 million passengers per annual. It is the oldest and the first civil airport built in Changi area.

Size bigger than the previous three old civil airports, Seletar Airport, Kallang Airport and Singapore’s International Airport at Paya Lebar.

The first terminal had been through few rounds of upgrading and refurbishing from 1990s to 2012. In total spending cost of S$500 million.

Where exactly is Terminal 5 located?

Further away to the eastern tip of the island is the pre-existence area of Changi Air Base, formerly an airfield military airbase known as Royal Air Force in 1946.

On google map, there are 2 runways aligned perpendicular. One landing strip is shorter which I supposed for lightweight aircrafts in the 50s.

This eastern tip is the exact location for upcoming Terminal 5. It is also known as Changi East. The new Terminal 5 will have three runways.

Coming up next is Project Jewel.

Jewel Changi Airport interconnect the terminal 1, 2 and 3. It has an estimated cost of S$1.7 billion. There is an airport complex now under construction and target to complete 2019

With all these 5 airport terminals plus Project Jewel, the entire infrastructure becomes a mega aviation hub in Singapore, totaling capacity to a whopping 132 million passengers by 2020.

With that figure of passengers per annum (ppa), it could possibly beat the top 3 busiest airports in the world. Namely, Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport (104 million ppa), Beijing Capital International Airport (94 million ppa) and Dubai International Airport  (83 million ppa). – Source


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