Tampines to Changi Village

Cycling from Tampines to Changi Village. Below quick listing 22 pointers from this video. A general guidelines for the noobs.

  1. Distant: about 12 km to and fro.
  2. Duration: less than 4 hours. Including lunch?
  3. Timing: started in mid morning after peak hour.
  4. Map: google to estimate. To find out more.
  5. Scenery: gentle, mild, lots of trees but not exciting.
  6. Terrain: normal to easy. Flat and proper road.
  7. Overhead bridge: likely one and need to carry bicycle up the stairs.
  8. Lunch: Nasi Lemak, Traditional Malay cuisine.
  9. By the canal: water flow benign but yellow.
  10. Sea coast: beautiful and bright. Refreshing.
  11. Palm trees: beautiful like those from LA.
  12. Raining: no rain coat and got drenched.
  13. Thunderstorm: no, only afternoon shower.
  14. Weather station: as usual, expect afternoon shower.
  15. Temperature: hot, humid and wet. ALL year round.
  16. Fashion: Sporty Tees. Rain coat is not a Singaporean fashion.
  17. Sun shades: Wouldn’t mind to have one.
  18. Sun blocs: depends on individual.
  19. Camera: works well and is water-proofed.
  20. Breathing: normal and able to catch up with pace.
  21. Safety: very to extremely. Best after peak hours on road.
  22. Air pollution: good if AQI level below 50 and moderate if 51 – 100

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