Old Changi Hospital Most Haunted!

It was about 30 years ago that I joined some of my old school classmates to explore the abandoned Old Changi Hospital.

It was haunted! Interestingly, I read somewhere this place was rated the top 10 haunted places in the world.

I say again, “…in the WORLD (!)“.

What a incredible tiny red-dot fact inked on the vast world map.

In the year 2016 minus 28 years equal 1988.

It was then closed in 1997 and remains abandoned to this day. – Wiki.

Sorry, cannot explain the difference in years. Will find out with fellow classmates when got more time. Or, some older buildings had already demolished? Possible.

We had a holiday chalet nearby. It was planned. A group exploration. Just seeking for thrill than to chill in the chalet. Secondly, a challenge to us as teenagers.

It was said to be haunted! More exactly, many people said that. In my oponion, flashing back my memory this number of years, I would say, “It was ‘kinda’ spooky (!)”

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